20 January 2011


Hi everybody have a nice day.lalit

that begins at birth,
an exploration of a paradise
called earth.

lalit: Life is a breath of fresh air
against your cheek.
It's the tears that fall
and the smile that lifts you
when you're weak.
lalit: Life is an exclamation of joy
when spring has begun.
It's the excitement you feel
beneath the sun
lalit: Life is a cherished memory
that makes you feel warm
and the comfort of a fire
in the midst of a storm.
lalit: Life is holding your newborn
and watching your child grow.
It's pigtails and roller skates,
and fights in the snow.
lalit: Life is a heartbeat
and the song of a bird.
It's the voice of those you love
and all the music you've ever heard.
lalit: Life is the most precious gift from
God that you'll ever receive,
and to live it to its fullest.
lalit: You've only to believe...
that this is your life,
and you can be,
all you've ever
hoped to be.